What Makes Parable Different?

What do you think of when you think of “a gym?” Do you conjure up that old school weight room with that unique iron and sweat aroma?  Maybe you think of a warehouse CrossFit box with a rig, barbells, and lots of burpee space. Maybe you recall a classic globo-gym with rows and rows of machines, pulleys, and mirrors.

But Parable… what do you think of when you think of Parable?

I think of my friends whose smiles greet me when I walk in the door. I think of the kind of programming that biases the longevity of my body more than it considers the big weights—though we do love to see amazing feats of strength! I think of the assessment boards on the wall that are in place to ensure my body is bulletproofed before it is pushed to its limit. Integrity precedes intensity. I think of the fun conversations and deep connections that make my fellow gym buddy some sort of kin. 

What makes Parable different?

The whole idea is that it is a parable for life—a larger story than meets the eye. Yes, we train our bodies through fitness, and we also train our minds for the trials of life. In pursuit of wholeness, we also train our souls to fight for what matters. In our community, we fight for each other. It’s way more than ‘just a gym’. 

We are in your corner!