The Genesis of a Dream: CrossFit Parable

Creating a business is creating a movement. Yes, both kinds! There is much physical movement that is constantly being fine tuned into beautiful fitness and athletic expression. There is also a micro social movement happening. People are doing amazing things with their fitness, with their daily choices to become who they are made to be, and inspiring others to reach with them. This kind of positive influence in a concentrated population creates a community. These are some of the adages I have gleaned from my clients, friends, and family as of recent:

Inspiration is contagious

Success is contagious

Hard work reaps joy

Hard work done together reaps more joy

All of these things can be lived vicariously. But then, courage calls your name. Maybe courage has a face, and they are the sweaty friend that won’t stop talking about their newfound fitness. Maybe courage has many faces, and you see them as they seem to effortlessly live out their dreams. They are the Lions in your life; the ones that inspire awe and respect.  You might feel like the lamb, the one that tried courage on for size but it didn’t quite fit. You failed at chasing your dreams. You failed at exactly what people said you would fail at.

You know there’s more courage in you, but you’ve buried desire because it taunted you. That 5k goal, those 30 lbs, that muscle up, that body image that you want so desperately to love. These things have no power over you until you decide that they will, and if you already have, then you also have the power to RESPOND.

Respond to fear. For “fear itself is the only thing to fear,” and this can be defeated. No one is nodding that this is an easy task, but we are all starting to nod that it is the right one. If you are humbled, be encouraged that you are exactly where organic courage takes root.

Don’t give in. Open up your hand. My man, Paul, once said, “For each of us has one body with many members, and those members do not all have the same function,” and “though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Share your dreams with at least 2 people today, in whom you trust. Share a goal of yours with someone today. You are a Lion to someone, if not many someones.