Ryan Doughty


Why Coach?

I have loved Coaching from day 1 of getting my L-1. I have a coaching background with assisting for a College Soccer team and assistant coaching Youth Sports. However, coaching a CrossFit class is a whole new ball game. For me coaching has helped me get out of my comfort zone. It is both a challenge as well as one of the more rewarding things you can do by helping athletes become better every day. I look forward to continue to do this as a Coach at Parable!

Why CrossFit?

Growing up, I wanted to play every sport possible. I could never settle on one and I wanted to compete at everything I was doing! CrossFit to me is the best test of fitness while incorporating every aspect of the fitness world. From gymnastics, to weightlifting, to aerobic capacity, to strongman, etc. nothing is structured better then CrossFit training!

Athletic Background:

  • Played Collegiate Soccer and Baseball
  • CrossFit since 2013
  • CrossFit Level 1