Josh McGee


Fitness should be fun. It wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I realized this. I’ve always been active and involved in many sports. As I got older, going to the gym, or running, was getting monotonous. I would do it, because I knew fitness was important, but there was no passion for it. That all changed one day back in 2013. I was invited by my wife to join her at a friend’s garage, to try this thing called CrossFit.

Reluctantly, I joined her, but was convinced I would not like it. Man was I wrong. My first WOD was so simple on paper, however, it kicked my butt…and I was hooked. The drive to want to become better made me show up the next day, and the next, and the next. Every day was something different, something new to improve upon. The monotony was gone, and fitness was fun.

As a coach, it is my goal to share this passion with other people. I love helping athletes get faster, stronger, and improve their overall health, all while having fun doing it. Whether it’s aiding the new athlete in getting their first pull-up, or the experienced one to get a PR on a lift, the feeling is the same…pure joy.

My story began in a small garage in 2013, and has guided me here, to the amazing Parable family. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people along the way, and can’t wait to meet more. Where will your story take you?