New Installation: Gymnastics Class!

Parable Philosophy

We believe in a genuine and passionate community. We believe in fun. We believe in mastery. We believe that, to engage our community and empower their lives, programming and exercise must have a rhyme, a reason, and an evolving quality of relevance to the member at hand. We believe you must never be comfortable, and you can find joy and passion in the uncomfortable.

Parable Gymnastics

Our Gymnastics program is designed to emphasize focus on the core movement patterns of the human body, through development of body weight movement and mobility. Emphasis will be placed on identifying correct movement patterns, faults in current patterns, mastery of the current movement patterns, and progression into more challenging movements. 

The classes will run one hour in length and will have a warm-up component, two core movement focuses, accessory movements that compliment the core movements, and a mobility component as a cool down.

Everyone can benefit from moving better, and this program is designed to help athletes do just that. Whether you’re looking to improve your muscle-ups, achieve your first pull-up, or you have chronic pain and you’re looking to move pain free again, this program will be beneficial to you. It is designed to either be run as a stand-alone program, or be coupled with our other offered programs.


The Beauty Behind the Program

The program skeleton will look like this:

Cycle 1 (Weeks 1-6)- Upper Body Vertical Pull (Bar), Upper Body Horizontal Press (Rings)

Cycle 2 (Weeks 7-12)- Upper Body Vertical Pull (Rings), Upper Body Vertical Press (Floor)

Cycle 3 (Weeks 13-18)- Pistol Archtype, Upper Body Horizontal Pull (Rings)

Rationale for a Gymnastics Program:

Gymnastics is often overlooked in the CrossFit community, due to its higher level of skill and the delayed gratification of improvement (it can take longer to see progress in a gymnastics skill such as a strict Muscle-up, versus an increase in strength in a back squat). This shies people away from wanting to develop and work on the gymnastics skills necessary to be successful in CrossFit and to keep the joints and body healthy and functioning correctly. 

Oftentimes we see Muscle-ups in a workout and we go directly to the longevity scaling options. While these are good alternatives if we do not have the required movement, just doing these scales alone once every couple weeks when muscle ups come up are not enough to fully develop the movement.

By participating in the Gymnastics program, athletes will focus on development of the movement patterns and strength necessary to complete the higher level gymnastics movements in a much more time invested and controlled environment. In other words, no more Longevity scales!!

Mobility will also be a key focus, as gymnasts are some of the most mobile athletes in sports. This program will help athletes improve mobility which will transfer to increased joint health and ROM, moving more weight a greater distance (strength development) in all movements, and being able to perform day to day movements in a safer way with a decreased opportunity for injury.

You do not want to miss out on our first class; date to be announced very soon. All are welcome! Stay tuned for more information.

Coach Ethan