Go With Your Gut

Go With Your Gut. That’s right, listen to your intestines.

You-“You mean to tell me I should put my ear to my gurgles and intestinal peristalsis?”

Me-“Silly, no. Well, maybe. I mean both: your intestine’s GUT and your soul’s GUT. Listen to them.”

You-“You lost me. How do I listen to my stomach and my soul? Are you saying there is power in knowing my intestines and knowing my intuition?”

Me-“YES! Learn to treat your microbiome with respect, and likewise with your personhood “gut.”

You-“You’re weird. Humor me. How are these even related?”

Join me. Let’s read on…

Intestinal fortitude. It’s the gumption that produces heroes out of seeming cowards. It’s the separating factor between staying put in paralysis or taking half a step forward. It’s the armor that is built when you respect your will to be better, to forge strength to pursue integrity of self. This means doing that which you tell yourself you are going to do. This means when you tell yourself you are going to push for 10 more seconds, you push for 12 more seconds. This means that when you set out to trudge through the process of a goal, you don’t listen to the imposter voices saying that you need to compromise, that it’s too hard, and that you overestimated your ability. This means you forfeit your desire to acquiesce to the lesser voice that is NOT you, and in turn respect the internal voice that says, “Keep doing what you are doing. You are a freaking warrior. How did you get so strong?”

Gut lining. How do you fortify your gut? Microvilli needs integrity. Adding stress to the gut will increase risk for permeability, and in turn increase likelihood of “leaky gut.” So we respect our gut by eating whole foods, taking proper care of the world of life that is your immune system and your health. We take out the stressors that disrespect our gut. We listen to its needs. If we need to get some tests done, get some better nutrition advice, or learn what kind of flora lives in there, we do. We respond. The science says that our intestines produce the “happy hormones” when the lining is healthy. Listen to your gut, for she will make you smile.

Listening to your soul’s GUT is a voice that will not lie. There is the easy way of distracting the voice with busyness and expectations from others and self. Ironically, the voice “doesn’t present its credentials up front” because it is a humble servant. It serves you to better you, it serves you to bring you the sucker punch of what the truest path is. The more you seek your gut’s input, the more you will know the voice.  Listen to your gut, for she will make you smile.