Clean Thinking

We have all heard the term ‘clean eating’ right? It’s where the majority of your diet consists of whole, nutrient dense foods. Well have you ever noticed what type of thinking you are doing the majority of the day? Do your thoughts consist of positive, motivational, encouraging thoughts? Or, do you find yourself falling down the dark, negative abyss of self loathing? What if I told you that your very own thoughts could be affecting your performance in the gym? Our mindset is a key indicator of how well we will take on adversity in our lives.

First, when you find yourself using those negative thoughts, try to immediately turn it into a positive. “I’m never going to get a pull-up” can be replaced with “I am getting stronger every day! I WILL get that pull-up!” Speak words of affirmation. This will create a mindset that expects results to come. Secondly, give yourself credit where it is due. Celebrate the little wins in your life. Every little win is a stepping stone to the big goal. This will ensure that you stay on track to accomplish those goals. Lastly, comparison is the ultimate killer of joy. Everyone has different talents and abilities. When we are constantly comparing ourselves to others around us, we miss the beauty in our own lives. Remember that this life is not about being perfect, it’s about constantly growing and striving to be the best version of yourself, as we have been so reminded by American hero, Doug Zembiec. 

ACTION: Write down a couple positive affirmations on a card and carry it around with you. Read these affirmations every day and see how your mindset will change! 

Coach Allie