A Thought on Motivation: For When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Motivation is defined as: “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way; the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” Anyone can spout off reasons as to why it’s good for you to workout… “improving your brain health, weight management, reducing disease, strengthening your body…” and the list goes on! But, what happens when I lose sight of those things? What if I don’t really care as much about my own health as I used to? Why should I get out of bed and workout when I could sleep an extra 2 hours?

Well, in short… it’s because you are WORTH IT!

Speaking from experience, I actually don’t FEEL like working out most days. There are days where I have even made it into the parking lot of the gym but still… ‘I could just go home and sleep more’… But then I remember all of the times where I felt the same way, and stepped into the gym anyways and low and behold… I felt way better after the fact! Why is this? Well, aside from the obvious answer (science and endorphins), my theory is that it has to do with investing in ourselves! You see, when you decide to buy a gym membership, get out of bed, drive to the gym, do the work, fuel your body, etc… you are constantly telling yourself that you are worth it! You are worth the time, you are worth the money, you are worth the effort. You are worth it! You are deciding to agree with that truth, and with the truth that our bodies are made to move (Acts 17:28). When you decide to agree with and live in line with truth… you get to experience freedom!

“What about the days where I don’t FEEL like I’m worth it?” Well, 1) truth never changes 😉 2) When I get to the point of not being able to workout for myself, then I consider working out ‘for other people’. For me sometimes that means I consider how my presence at the gym is meaningful and wanted, and then I decide to do a class with people to ‘show up’ for them so they have another workout buddy. Other times I think about my family, friends, coworkers, and community. I consider how my lifestyle impacts them; it might spur them on, it might inspire them to workout, and it might even allow me to be healthier so my time with them is more enjoyable! 

Still having trouble convincing yourself? Here are some practical applications:

1) Pick a truth phrase to employ! Any time you don’t feel like working out, fall back on that phrase! (“I am worth the effort”, “My family needs me to be healthy”, “My workout buddy will miss me at the gym”, etc.!)

2) Ask for accountability, we will ACTUALLY miss you when you’re not here! (Text a fitness friend and actually schedule a time to come together, tell a coach when you’ll be in next, etc.)

3) Do something you think is fun! Even if it’s not a ‘workout’, moving your body in any way still counts as agreeing with truth! (Go on a walk, bike, dance, go roller skating, do your favorite workout, play with the neighborhood kids, etc.)

My hope is that something in here has given you an extra kick of motivation; an extra ‘reason why’. I know that for many people, it’s WAY easier to just skip the gym. So, to each of you who come in anyways: we see you; we see your grit, your effort, your perseverance, and your courage. You are our heroes!

Coach Savannah